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my sister sums up the avengers

  • Stark: we have the Hulk.
  • Loki: I have the fangirls.
  • Stark: ..... we're screwed.

Tom Hiddleston fans! I need your help:


I am working on a film project. I am using the fandom as subject for a short film I am making. I created this blog JUST for the project.

I need you all (or as many of you as possible) to send me anonymous messages with secrets you have about the fandom. It can be about Tom, the fandom, or anything pertaining to both. Even if you want to send anons about particular fans, roleplayers, encounters, tumblr or twitter accounts, that is fine. 

There is no censor. 

You can say what you want and no one will judge you because it will be anon. 

I will NOT post submissions to this blog. I will be using everything for the short film I am working on.

Again, this is 100% anonymous. 

I really need your participation. Consider this your opportunity to just…release. 

Please submit, reblog, and spread the word!